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Fullstack developer Brooklyn JavaScript

James F. Ayres

Full Stack Engineer in NYC

Hi. I do JavaScript (Vanilla, Node, jQuery, React, Meteor), all that front end stuff (S/CSS/HTML), some more back end stuff (PHP, Python), a little database stuff (Mongo, Postgres, MySQL), visual design, illustration, and various other things.

I am a Web Engineer at Red Antler, occassionally do some freelance, and have done all sorts of other stuff that I'd be glad to share with you! Just shoot me an email at [email protected].

My Github has some code. I am somewhat limited by what I can make public, but code samples are available upon request.

If you are really bored, check out my social media accounts like, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and of course LinkedIn.

You're clearly checking the code out which is cool. This is just SEO stuff as an experiment but here we go... Web developer in New York City and Brooklyn. JavaScript coder with Fullstack skills and Engineer.

MongoDB or Mongo, GraphQL, and SQL are database. Ayres and James or jfrancisayres. CSS and Sass are primary frontend but backend and fullstack development. HTML is good too.

JS or JavaScript plus React, Redux, Vue and Angular as frameworks. Coder and developer with experience in education, professor, and agency. Marketing or eCommerce such as Shopify and Stripe.

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